Art Exhibition in Argeles

We visited the exhibition of paintings by Monique Combettes, “Couleurs de Charme” at the Galerie Marianne, Espace Liberte, Rue de 14 juillet, Argeles-sur-Mer. This is in the village, rather than the beach or the port, and it took a bit of finding. We parked the car by river, thinking we were nearby and walked to where we thought google maps showed the road, but couldn’t find it…In fact there is a car park right next to it - the parking Liberte – so follow signs for that and park there if you want to visit. The Galerie Marianne is the building at the end of the car-park, up a few steps, and we thought that it looked closed up, but was in fact open. I think there must also be an entrance actually on rue de 14 juillet, but it only seems to be signed as ‘Salle de 14 juillet’ so not too helpful. This particular exhibition is only on from 27th Jan until 13th Feb, and was abstract oils on canvas. Very colourful and an enjoyable visit, with the pictures also for sale. Check if there are exhibitions on when you visit.Argeles Map Galerie Marianne